How it works

Here at we have created an avenue for contractors, remodelers, investors, fixer uppers, renovators, and your everyday homeowners in need of updating’s. Whether it’s for a business or your personal home The helps you not only sell your unused material, but also has given you the opportunity to purchase material; flooring, lighting, paint, fixtures – at a fraction of the cost!

There are four distinct qualities that really separate us from other sites.

#1 is strictly for the DFW area! Which enables you to search within your own town – Plano, Desoto, Arlington and if needed the entire DFW area if you cant find what you’re looking for within your own town.

#2 focuses on ONE main category – material! So there is no hassle of trying to figure out whether your in the right category or not. It is as simple as – type in what you are looking for and then, Search!

#3 The has made each member postings special in that “You have Your Own Inventory”! This simply means that someone can click on one of your postings and have access to see ALL of your postings. It’s like having your own warehouse within the site. Located at the top of every page is a search bar “Search by Name/Company”, just type in the name or company to view their entire inventory. So the question is: “How do I locate the person/company’s name to use in the search bar?” The person or company name is located on every posting (their posting) just below the AD pictures “Posted by: John 3:16”. Just type their name or company name in the search bar and a list of their inventory will pop up. So now you don’t have to track them down or figure out the correct listing description to relocate them. Just type in their name!

#4 has given the purchaser/client the option of posting a review after the material is purchased or after the installation.




It’s just $3.97 PER YEAR to post unlimited material.

Wait! There is more. We also have a section where you can hire an installer. Installers can post unlimited postings for just $2.97 a year and put their business out there, locally. Don’t pay $600 for your own site. Sign up today and not only do you get your own posting account, but daily traffic guaranteed. makes hiring the installer comfortable with costumer reviews that helps eliminate some fear of “who is coming into my home”?

Browse. Search. Have some fun! Sign up today and experience The Last Inventory. With much, much, more to come!