Is the TheLastInventory.com really exclusively for the Dallas/Forth Worth area?

Yes. This enables local commerce without the hassle of shipping or false transactions through any third party websites/companies.

How much does it Cost to sign up?

Nothing. It is free to sign up. It is free to browse. It is free to write reviews. However, in order to post material it is a very minimal yearly fee of $3.97. To post as an installer is also a very minimal yearly fee of $2.97.

How much does it cost to post material?

To post material it is a very minimal yearly fee of $3.97. This gives many benefits to the person/company posting the material. (1) This website is strictly for the DFW area. This enables you to place product in front of every person that may be interested in your posting, locally. (2) Its like having your own warehouse within the site because you can post as much or all of the material you have allowing your customers/purchasers to browse YOUR entire inventory. When you sign up “First and Last Name” or “Company Name” this will be the name you give to people for them to search YOUR inventory. (the search field is located at the top right section of the website.)

How much does it cost to post as an installer?

To post as an installer it is a very minimal yearly fee of $2.97. This gives so many benefits to the installer. (1) You don’t have to pay over $100 for your own individual custom site. (2) You don’t have to generate your own traffic. We are bringing all the clients right to you. (3) You don’t have to go through the hassle of sending out recommendations and pictures of prior work. On TheLastInventory.com you can attach pictures of your previous work and have clients write reviews to help with closing the deal with future clients.

Can I cancel my account at anytime?

Yes. Simply click on the contact tab and contact us by putting in the headline “cancel account” along with the reason for cancelation.

I am trying to add multiple posts but I am getting a “ERROR: Please do not post the same items more than once.”

The reason you are getting this message is because you are posting over 80% the same exact posting. You are welcome to post as many listings as desired. However, this filter enables us to eliminate spam and errant postings. This fix is simple. Change the wording of each posting and you are good to go!

I’ve posted an AD but I do not see it within the site?

Once you post an AD/posting it does NOT automatically “go live” within the site. Simply click “ click here to preview this post”. This enables you to preview your post before going live, to edit, or add any information or pictures. By previewing the ad before going live it allows you to see what others will see. If satisfied with your posting simply click “ NOT LIVE – CLICK HERE TO MAKE THIS AD VIEWABLE TO THE PUBLIC”. Now you are live!

What is the purpose of having a profile picture?

There are many reasons and advantages to adding a profile picture. (1) Your customers can see whom they are dealing with. (2) It adds a side of professionalism if you’re a company with a logo. (3) If you have a returning customer that may have lost your contact information so your profile picture can allow an easy search and find method. (4) A picture can define a lot.


How do I edit or delete my postings?

Make sure you are signed in. At the top section of your account page locate the link “My Inventory”. Click on the link and it will take you to YOUR personal Inventory. From there; you can edit, delete, or renew your postings as needed.

How long do my postings last for?

30 days. After 30 days your posting will be expired. During the 30-day period you may renew your postings every few days to bring your posting to the top of the search engine. Once your posting has expired it cannot be renewed. However, you may simply repost and start the 30 days over again. This helps us eliminate companies from renewing the same ad over and over.

How do I exit out/minimize the picture I have clicked on while browsing material postings?

Simple. Just re-click the picture and it will return to its normal size.

How do I post a review for a recent purchase of material or a recent installation?

The review process is quite simple. However, there are a few steps we take to ensure the validity of each review. If you are trying to post a review YOU MUST sign up, locate the person or company you want to post a review for, and begin! IMPORTANT: the item/installation post MAY NOT be live within the site when posting the review. When you post a review you can post on ANY of the person/company’s postings. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THE EXACT POSTING. It will show up on the their personal “overall” review page. Also, YOU MUST fill out your name and number and add at least one picture of the item purchased or installation in order for your review to be accepted by The LastInventory.com. By posting your Name and Number you are consenting for TheLastInventory.com to be able to call you if your review is randomly selection for further valuation.

What is the “search by person/company” bar at the top of the website?

This feature is what makes TheLastInventory.com very unique. This feature allows people to locate any/all or your postings. It’s like having your own store/warehouse within the site. Unlike other websites if you happen to like someone’s postings there is no way to see what else they have. Or if you want to sleep on it and then come back the next day you may forget what you were looking for, how to find it, and it may almost be impossible to relocate the item or installer. This feature makes it easy. Just type in the person or company you are looking and their entire inventory will show up.

How do I locate the person/company’s name to use in the search bar?

The person or company name is located on every posting just below the AD pictures “Posted by: John 3:16”. Just type their name or company name in the search bar and a list of their inventory will pop up.

How do I search with my own town?

Go to the Homepage and find “Locate your Area” which is in the middle of the page. Type in your city/area – You Got It!

How do I search outside of my town?

Simple. Just locate the search bar “ search for product” at the top of every page. Type in the material that you are looking for and every product under that description will show up.